● ‘Frustrated with your Bible reading?
● ‘Not sure how to get started?
● ‘Can’t find a plan that works for you?


If your answer is “yes,” you’re not alone. For many, the typical Bible reading plan is too much. People can’t keep up or have no time to reflect and respond to God. Bible reading becomes a spiritual feat or box to check off of a religious “to-do” list. So, we created a very simple, doable plan to go with The Soldier Code. Here’s how it works:

Old Testament: 1 chap. daily, 6x a wk.
New Testament: 1 chap. daily, 5x a wk.

In 1 year: Read the New Testament 1x
In 3 years: Read the Old Testament 1x

The Soldier Code Bible Reading Plan is ideal for new or mature believers, allowing time for meditation, memorization, and study. Of course, the most successful Bible reading happens in spiritual family. So, ask the Lord to bring a friend or two to mind to join you. Then, drop us a line through the CONTACT tab to share your storyWe’d love to hear from you!

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